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The traditional crypto miner is always looking at the profitability and specs of an ASIC, FPGA, GPU and CPU mining hardware and after that takes into account other factors that may not be as important. Then there are the non-traditional miners that might be more interested into a cool-looking and easy to use miner that may not be very or profitable at all on daily basis, for people like that the Coinmine might be the perfect solution. A nice looking mining box that runs silent and is easy to connect and operate via your smartphone and it even mines a number of crypto coins as an extra.

The CoinmineOne miner is available for $699 USD, it can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Grin and Monero and you can also earn 6.5% APR interest on the crypto in your Coinmine One wallet. With just 160W of average power usage and near silent operation it sure sounds like an interesting device to have if you are from the second group of non-traditional miners. Further extending the functionality of the device like adding Lightning support for example and other interesting crypto features could also make it more attractive. Definitely an interesting concept, though not for the traditional crypto miner.

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All crypto miners know that the heat produced by their mining equipment is one of the biggest challenges they need to overcome in order to have problem free mining. The heat is essentially not used for anything and becomes a waste product, though some people manage to find clever uses for heating in the winter for example or other interesting ideas. It has however been a problem for a commercial solution to be available to both mine and properly utilize the excessive heat produced, up until now it seems. A french company called Qarnot is releasing what hey call the first crypto heater, a mining device that also doubles as a heater, so you can make heating a source of revenue and not an expense.

The Qarnot QC-1 is essentially a specially designed mining computer with two video cards and a large passive cooling solution, so it is silent while operating and also doubles as a heater with up to 650W capacity. Not to mention that the whole device looks nothing like a mining computer, it comes with great looking design and even includes some extra useful features. The only problem is what to do when you do not need heating like in the summer for example, well you will need to figure this out as with mining it is not seasonal. Still the company apparently has previous experience with their QH-1 design that combines a heater and a high performance computing server, though a crypto miner makes much more sense.

Qarnot QC-1 Technical Specifications:
– Computing 2 GPU: NITRO+ RADEON RX 580 8G, 60 MHS
– Dimensions: 65×62.5×15 cm
– Power: 650W in total (450W in mining mode + 200 in booster mode)
– Weight: 27 kg
– Materials: Wood, Anodized aluminium
– Noise: 0 dB
– Connections: 110/230V AC, RJ45 Ethernet
– Interfaces: Capacitive touch, Mobile app, Web app
– Communication: Ethernet
– Github: Temperature and LED management

Qarnot are currently taking pre-orders for their mining/heating device and if you book your QC-1 before March 20th it should be delivered before June 20th according to the company… right in time for the summer heat, not for the winter cold. The price of the Qarnot QC-1 is currently 2900 EURO without the shipping and you can pay only with either PayPal or a bank card, no crypto currencies are being accepted.

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Based on user reports it seems that the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent in its latest version also installs a crypto mining software that uses the processing power of the computer it is running on to mine crypto currencies. The latest update version 3.4.2 of the uTorrent apparently installs a CPU miner from Epic Scale without asking or telling the user and this is the actual problem. If during the installation the user was asked if he wanted to install the software and warned what it is going to be doing using computer resources. When a crypto mining software gets installed without a user consent it is never a good thing and the people behind the software BitTorrent client apparently learned this the hard way as the news broke out.

You can still download and install the version 3.4.2 of uTorrent by BitTorrent from the official website, but it is no longer offered as an update if you are running an older version of the software as it was a bit earlier today. Also it seems that uTorrent has taken down their official forums as they were cited as a source for users complaining about the issue with the crypto mining software. In the end it does not matter how well the company handles the issue, it is already too late and many users of their software will no doubt switch to other alternative solutions.