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The latest update to the CryptoNight AMD GPU miner SRBMiner brings binary kernels on the table, allowing the miner to load faster on some of the most popular AMD GPUs instead of having to compile the kernels on each start of the software. The binary kernels are also a solution to a problem with drivers 18.7 and newer that seem to generate bad kernels, even though these drivers are not recommended. The binary kernels are available for the following AMD GPUs: Vega 56, Vega 64, Vega FE, RX 470, RX 480, RX 570, RX 580, RX 560 and RX 560. Older AMD GPUs such as R9 2×0 and 3×0 series are still supported, but they will still be compiling kernels on each start. If you are having issues with the binary kernels you can just delete the BinaryKernels directory and the miner will once again generate them on each run. There are also some OpenCL optimizations, mainly on the Heavy algorithms, so you can get a few extra percent in them. There are also a number of other fixes and improvements, you can find the full changelog below.

SRBMiner V1.6.7 Full Cangelog:
– Now providing binary kernels for popular algos on mainstream cards (Vega56&64&FE, RX470&480&570&580, RX550&560)
– Auto setup for a lot of cards improved, especially for RX550, RX560
– A lot of OCL optimizations, mainly on Heavy algos (Heavy, Haven, Bittubev2, Italo)
– Removed --sendallstales parameter because it is now the default behavior (to send all stale shares)
– When using algo switching mining time is now showing total mining time, not just for the specific algo
– Now on every miner start a new log file is created, in the format of date-time in normal mining mode
– Added parameter --algoswitchmintime
– Completely setup everything for algo switching on Monero Ocean pools, you just need to edit your algo hashrates, and change wallet in the example files

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There is an update for the popular CryptoNight AMD GPU miner SRBMiner that brings some fixes and improvements, though this time no new algorithms are being added in version 1.6.6. The most interesting new feature in the latest version is the algo/coin switching protocol currently in beta, though you should know that in order for this to work the pool must support it. There is just one pool at the moment that supports the new switching protocol and that one is Monero Ocean that supports 9 different CryptoNight-based coins at the moment. To enable this new mode you need to add the --usealgoswitching parameter in your command line for running the miner. The fee for using the miner in algorithm switching mode is ~0.91%. The only not so great thing about this new feature however is that when a switch of the algorithm/coin is happening the miner is being restarted, so it takes some extra time to start mining for each switch. You can find what are the other changes, new features and fixes below.

SRBMiner V1.6.6 Full Cangelog:
– Added support for algo/coin switching protocol BETA (pool must support it)
– “restart_devices_on_startup” and “restart_devices_on_startup_script” is now replaced with –resetvega and –startupscript
– Fixed “reboot_script” parameter, which should be triggered by hashrate watchdog
– Kernel 2 should be now automatically selected for R9 200 series
– Auto setup for RX 4XX and 5XX series should be now a little bit better
– Fixed a bug which could occur when receiving jobs too rarely
– Added miner version to API
– DevFee mining is not displayed anymore

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A new version of the popular CryptoNight AMD GPU miner SRBMiner is now available bringing some new features and a number of improvements worth updating if you are mining any of the supported Cryptonight algorithms. The latest version 1.6.5 adds support for one new algorithm – Cryptonight Red (MoX Project) that is about to soon launch. New benchmarking parameters are added that give you the ability to benchmark your settings offline, so you don’t need to connect to a pool anymore just to test hashrate performance of an algorithm. There is no more need for compute switching software, you can do it now easily from SRBMiner via a dedicated command line parameter that will find all your AMD cards and set them to compute mode, and also disable crossfire on them. Te latest version of the miner is now just one executable file, so no more dll files are needed making it more portable. Do note that for optimal performance it is recommended to use the Adrenalin 18.6.1 or Adrenalin 18.3.4 AMD GPU drivers, you can also use the old Blockchain drivers or the newer 18.7.1, but with reduced performance.

Supported CryptoNight variations:
– Cryptonight
– Cryptonight V7
– Cryptonight Lite
– Cryptonight Lite V7
– Cryptonight Heavy
– Cryptonight IPBC
– Cryptonight Artocash
– Cryptonight Alloy
– Cryptonight Marketcash
– Cryptonight B2n
– Cryptonight Stellitev4
– Cryptonight Fast
– Cryptonight Haven
– Cryptonight Italo
– Cryptonight Mox

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