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It seem that lately it is easier to just fork an established coin than to think of something new and original and try to realize your ideas, after all who refuses free money, right? The next in line is DOGE with an upcoming unofficial fork called Dogethereum (DOGX) that is apparently planned for the end of the year. Dogethereum (DOGX) as the name implies will be using the mining algorithm used by Ethereum – Ethash (Dagger-Hashimoto) and the owners of DOGE will receive the same amount of DOGEX coins after the fork as what they had in DOGE. There are not much details about the fork announced at the moment, besides some basic information and the intent to fork the coin, so it might as well not happen. We’ll have to wait and see, though we suspect there might be some other unofficial forks for DOGE incoming after this announcement to happen much sooner…

TO check out the announcement of the Dogethereum (DOGX) project on Bitcointalk…


There was a momentary panic sale apparently caused by a network fork for DOGEcoin, but it seems things are getting back to normal now. There could be some delays processing transactions though due to some pools and exchanges not running the latest version of the doge client software, and some pools such as Multipool have temporary disabled DOGE withdraws until they fix the problem. Just don’t get the panic get a hold of you, things are already getting back to normal. Below is some info from the developers:

The network has forked around block 104678. From my first investigation, it looks like the version below and above 1.5 disagree on the correct blockchain. Currently, the clients below 1.5 stopped accepting new blocks. Solely the 1.5+ clients are now generating and accepting new blocks. Older nodes will generate blocks too, but those will be rejected by the network as 1.5+ nodes are used by more than 51% of users.


We are actively looking into why this happened. I can’t say much yet (I’m at work), but the safest currently is updating your client to 1.5.1.

Pool owners: I know about that issue with 1.5+, but there is currently no other way, as we can’t patch 1.4 so fast. We have to investigate why that fork happened. A debug.log of a 1.4 node could help.

Try to reduce your transactions to a minimum while this is being worked on. Check your block count in the bottom right corner of your wallet to see on which side of the chain you are. As of writing this, my client shows ~104773 blocks. This seems to be the currently longest, therefore “correct” chain.

You can find more information about the DOGEcoin network fork here…