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Some really good news for people mining and trading DOGE, one of the best so far crypto currency exchanges for people based in Europe – Kraken has added DOGE to EURO trading (DGE/EUR) and DOGE/BTC though they call it DGE/XBT, along with DGE/LTC, NMC/DGE and USD/DGE. Kraken are famous for their really fast service for Depositing and Withdrawing using SEPA transfers in EU and they are really setting up a high standard to other exchanges especially if you compare them to MtGox that are the benchmark for SLOW deposits and withdraws and other various issues as we’ve seen. Of course the Kraken exchange is not that big as MtGox and since DOGE trading is really new there the volume can be low at first but in just a few days things will probably get moving quickly as more people start trading DOGE there. And while this happens you can register and get your account verified in order to lift the initial restricting limits that you have set at the exchange.

You can check out the Kraken cryptocurrency trading platform by clicking here….