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One of the main issues for users that are into altcoins are coins switching to PoS (Proof of Stake) or supporting both PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake) is that they need to run multiple wallets all the time usually with very low interest rate to keep them motivated. Of course the idea of PoS is to keep the network operational and with multiple nodes by stimulating users with rewards to keep their wallets running all the time, but this rarely happens as planned. This is precisely why the user interest usually drops in coins once they go to PoS pretty quick, but there is an interesting solution that might help users not loose interest in PoS coins and avoid the inconvenience of running multiple coin wallets all the time. Staisybit is an online wallet for multiple crypto coins that allows users to keep their coins stored in it and have them staked, earning rewards based on the interest rate that each coin has with very low fees. This will save you the trouble of running multiple wallets that can be heavy on the computer they are installed and require a lot of resources, especially if they are more than just a few coins. The drawback will be a smaller number of users running the wallet and supporting the network of the specific coins as the service runs a single wallet per coin with multiple users, but then again it is also about the convenience of the users.


Staisybit has been available for a while apparently, but it is not very well known among users apparently and is not very popular, even though it provides interesting service and is easy to use and works well. Currently the service has support for 13 different coins with PoS, they are: Bitz (BITZ), Blackcoin (BLK), Diamond (DMD), Energycoin (ENRG), Europecoin (ERC), Fuelcoin (FUEL), Noblecoin (NOBL), OKCash (OK), Shadowcoin (SDC), Sterlingcoin (SLG), Vericoin (VRC), CoinMagi (XMG) and Quotient (XQN). Once you register (set a secure password with small and big caps and numbers) you need to Open Wallet for the supported coin you like and send in some coins in order for the staking to start. The service can use a bit of polishing and needs some more information and details such as info on all supported coins as some of them might not be familiar to many users etc, but is still quite good and might be useful to some users.

If you are interested in checking out the cloud staking online wallet service…


Europecoin (ERC) is a fast, secure and innovative PoW/PoS cryptocurrency. Two weeks of PoW mining using X11 algorithm and then high stake interest PoS stage. Coin Control feature, Stabilization Fund, Sure long term investment. The only cryptocoin with Quote Fidelity Interest Program.


Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • X11 Algorithm
  • PoW Block Reward: 100, 1000, 10000 ERC ascending in the first week; 5000 ERC stable the second week
  • 60 seconds block target
  • Difficulty retargets every block
  • PoS variable interests: 1st week: 2.5%, 2nd week: 10%, 3rd week: 15%, 4th week and the rest of the 1st year: 5%, reduces further by 1% for the next years
  • Total coins will be 384’000’000 ERC (384M)
  • Total coins available in the PoW phase: 137’632’000 ERC
  • Coin Control feature
  • 1% premine for IPO


Source Code:
at GitHub

– RPC Port: 2000
– P2P Port: 2828

Mining Pools:
No mining pools available, the coins is PoS only.

Coin Exchanges: