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There is only going to be 5 Million coins in total for the block reward, after that as we know, miners just get the transactions fees. This means that roughly around the two month mark from this release post (60 days) the block reward will be 1 + transaction fee’s. I am not worried about people stopping mining this coin after the reward is gone, as I have got myself another rig that will be dedicated to just mining this coin and keep it going. This will mean that they will be only 5 Million coins spread around to trade or use for purchase but always remember the decimal and that it can be broken down, new users tend to like to have whole coins and forget this sometimes. Now for the honest part, to test the main net and check that the difficulty retarget is correct I mined 150 blocks, I wanted to see two difficulty adjustments to be sure. All of this premine will be given out as bounties.


Block Explorer / Crawler


  • Scrypt Algorithm
  • 200 Coins a block
  • 2 Minute blocks
  • Difficulty adjustment every 4 blocks
  • All premine given out on Bounties, basic services and the giveaway on here. Pre-mined coins now = 0


Source Code
at GitHub


  • RPC Port: 26666