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GCoin (GCN) – a fairer distribution for all. There was a mission in mind when this project was started many months ago. To bring a coin to the landscape that would be easy and fair for everyone to participate in and earn coins, not just those who had expensive mining equipment or big dollars to trade. We hate the unfair advantage in the crypto sphere that always seems to be limited to just those “in the know” when it comes to crypto currencies. The vast majority of the “real world” seems a bit slow to catch onto this inevitable and wondrous technology we call crypto currencies. We believe a large part of that is the point of entry being a bit out of reach for most, whether it be financially unable or because of technical inabilities.

This is why GCoin was created with a completely new and unique distribution method that would break this point of entry down so that anybody in the world could participate and start getting involved in this crypto revolution. The first and foremost goal right now is to spread GCoin as wide as possible and to bring in as many newcomers to crypto as we can. Over the coming weeks and months, this is the primary focus and hope for GCoin. For the long term health of GCoin and its steadily growing community, this is much more important than getting on an exchange during our first few weeks. GCoin is here for the long term. No interest in activities that pave the road for fast returns.


Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • Scrypt Algorithm
  • Total Coins: 200 billion GCN
  • 150,000 GCN reward per block
  • Subsidy halves every 533333 blocks
  • 2 minute block time
  • Premine: 40 billion coins


Source Code:
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