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The last few days the exchange rate of Bitcoin (BTC) has been steadily going up and today it has surpassed the $270 USD mark and that may not be the highest point it may reach this time. So you might want to keep a closer look at how things progress, though unfortunately it seems that the peak in price of BTC is not affecting much other coins as Litecoin this time. LTC has been keeping a steady exchange rate for a while now at a little above $3 USD. The exchange rate for ETH/BTC is going down, but due to the increase of the price per BTC the USD/EUR rate for Ethereum is still keeping relatively stable, but low level. This market situation is resulting in miners looking for some alternative coins to try mining and maybe get a better profit instead of the more established or popular ones in the last few days. The results is clearly seen in some altcoins having temporary spikes like DGB or GeoCoin among others, so you might want to keep an eye on the altcoin market for other not so popular names as well.


GeoCoin (GEO) is an alternative crypto currency that uses the Qubit algorithm for mining, it is already a month old and comes with the ambitious goal of bringing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to the blockchain. Some of the upcoming interesting features that are planned include geocaching implementation with geocoins as a rewards and that should come on a global and not local scale. A geominer that should performs useful GIS analysis instead of using a Qubit crypto algorithm that currently is being used, that one should be implemented when ready, hopefully before the coin is mined. But these are features that we are yet to see implemented as they are currently on the roadmap of the coin. Recently the coin was added to some of the bif altcoin exchanges and this brought it to our attention as something that is developing well and seems promising, especially if they manage to deliver on their promises. Do note that the Qubit algorithm is working better on Nvidia GPUs, so you will be getting higher hashrate mining the GEO with Nvidia than on AMD GPUs.


Block Explorer / Crawler


  • Qubit Algorithm
  • PoW-only coin
  • 1 minute block time
  • 5,000,000 GEO coins total
  • 0.5% initial premine
  • Block reward decreases by 1 every month until it is 1, starting at 10 coins per block


Source Code
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