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Another new cloudmining service that we’ve just recently discovered, apparently this is a small scale European mining operation that was just started earlier this year, offering Scrypt and SHA-256 cloud mining hashrate. It is keeping more on the anonymous side of things as far as details about the operators of the service as there aren’t much. So far the service has sold 100 THS worth of Bitcoin mining hashrate and 5 GHS worth of Scrypt mining hashrate and is offering their second batch of 50 THS hashrate for mining Bitcoin. From the GHASH2 contracts currently on sale there are 32298 GHS available for sale at the moment and you can purchase 1 GHS at a price of 0.00150000 BTC or $0.35 USD. The cloud mining contracts are with no specific term, so “lifetime” meaning until they are returning profit after you pay a daily fee of $0.00117 USD per GHS you own.


The payment methods supported include payment with Bitcoin, with multiple altcoins that are converted to BTC or with PayPal, so you have multiple options available. The service does seem to work well, comes with nice simple and useful interface with all the required information and features for the user. There is a graphical display with the daily dividends that you are earning from the hashrate you purchase and currently the last dividend amount from yesterday was 465 satoshi per GHS. We’ve purchased 100 GHS hashrate from the GHASH2 contract to try out the service and that should result in about 0.00046500 BTC earned daily with the current market conditions. We’ll keep you updated on how things progress with our tests of the service, but so far things are looking good, but as usual with new services we advice to proceed with caution and not invest much at start just to be on the safe side.

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