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Gridseed ASIC users will be happy to learn that there is a new fork of the cpuminer software with support for Gridseed ASIC miners (for Scrypt only mining) thanks sandor111 over at the Bitcointalk forum. He has added support for local hashrate reporting which was one of the key missing features of the previous builds, but he did not stop at that, he has also added support for per chip frequency autotuning (automatic overclock until the best frequency is reached for each chip) and the ability to manually set frequency for each miner by using a single instance for multiple devices. There is also support for the new Gridseed G-Blade miner, you only need to set the number of chips to 40 for each of the PCBs of the Blade Miner in order for the local hashrate to be properly reported.

We have compiled a windows binary of the new miner and you can find the source here. Great work and essentially what the original cpuminer should’ve been from the start, and now it is finally here, simple and easy with all the right features available. We are currently testing the new miner, especially the autotune feature, so far it seems to work quite well, but be aware that it could take some time for the miner to adjust frequencies, so make sure you set a starting frequency that is closer to what you expect that the device should be capable of. For example 850 MHz for default non modified 5-chip ASIC, 950 MHz or 1150 MHz if you have dome some sort of a voltmod already. Do check the included Readme file for a description of the options and some examples as well as for a simple, but effective Batch script for using backup pools with the miner. If you find some problem or an issue using the miner please do report it, so that it can be addressed.

You can download the sandor111 fork of cpuminer for the 5-chip GC3355 ASICs for Windows OS here…


We are reminding you about this week’s photo contest for a chance to win a 5-chip Gridseed ASIC miner provided by our partners GAWMiners. All you have to do is submit a photo showing your idea for the “Most Innovative Way to Mine” and you could get an ASIC miner as a reward this week, furthermore you could also play and win in the next week of April as well by participating in the photo contest as next week there will be a different theme of the contest and another Gridseed ASIC device as a prize. So do not miss your chance this week, you still have a few more days to submit your entry.

Submit your photo contest entries here in order to get a chance to win a Gridseed ASIC miner…


Week 2 of the photo contest we have organized together with our partners GAWMiners has ended and we have selected the second week’s winner. The theme of the photo contest this time was Neat as a Pin (tidiest cabling of mining rigs) and you can see the photos of the best submission we have received, the ones that have won a 5-chip Gridseed ASIC miner to the owner of that neat and tidy made mining rig.


And the person who won the second week award is Will Ortiz who has submitted photos of his 100 GHS 10ASIC Blade setup with a custom enclosure and wiring. Really great looking custom design that ensures efficient cooling and very tidy looking mining rig, ready to be replicated in numbers and to go into a data center. The winner will shortly be contacted by GAWMiners to arrange the delivery of the reward.


If you were not the winner this week, don’t worry, you will still have two more chances to win by the end of this month, so get ready to participate in the photo contest with the new theme for the third week – Most Innovative Way to Mine. Time to show some really creative ideas and another chance to win a 5-chip Gridseed ASIC miner. You have until the next Monday to submit your ideas along with photos for a chance to win.

Send your week 3 photo contest entries here in order to get a chance to win a Gridseed ASIC miner…