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Since we’ve been closely following the development of the different ccMiner forks and have been compiling Windows binaries for most of the updated versions we have decided to do an interesting test. We have picked up the last 20 releases of the ccMiner SPMOD fork for Maxwell and tested them on a Gigabyte GTX 970 WF3 GPU running at stock frequencies to see what has happened with the hashrate in the X11, Quark, NeoScrypt and LyraREv2 algorithms. The first version we tested with ccMiner 1.5.53-git SP is from early July and looking at the results it seems that the most notable improvement is with Quark as well as some slight improvement with X11. Lyra2REv2 support has been added in release ccMiner 1.5.60-git SP, so there are no results prior to that, it seems however that the initial versions and the last one have pretty much the same hashrate with some drop with some in-between versions. The NeoScrypt hashrate hasn’t changed much, there is some slight variance with different versions probably due to the Boost frequency of the GPU variating a bit. Do note that these are results with publicly available and open source code, there could be some higher performance private miners also available…