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AMHash has added the ability to withdraw the dividends that you get for cloud mining hashrate that you have purchased from the service or have moved hashrate purchased at Hashie. The withdraw functionality is apparently confirmed manually before the request gets approved and currently there is up to 48 “working hours” time for approval or with other words it can take quite some time. The minimum you need to have in your balance to request a withdraw to your wallet address is 0.005 BTC and there is nothing mentioned about a fee. We have verified that currently smaller withdraw requests seem to be sent without a fee – the 0.0439 BTC that we have accumulated for the time that our hashrate has been moved to AMHash. With this the AMHash service now can pretty much sell their cloud mining hashrate directly and users will be able to use the service’s web-based control panel and not have to rely on other companies to provide such functionality such as the failed Hashie. However there is not information on new cloud mining hashrate being available from the service soon for purchase and with the current market situation and low Bitcoin price it may take some time before the investment in new mining hardware becomes viable.


The new AMHAsh interface now has the BTC balance showing for the hashrate that has been transferred from the Hashie cloud mining platform with dividends getting calculated for users starting from December 28th. You can already see the BTC balance in your account, but the withdraw functionality has not yet been implemented, though that should most likely be available in the next days as well. Do note that the AMHash web interface was a forced a bit by the issues that Hashie had, so it is apparently currently being worked on the go and we are seeing improvements as functionality is being added. Do note that AMHash is currently not selling Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate, but their new web-based interface should support that functionality as well, so you should be able to purchase directly through it if/when they add more mining hardware to their mining farm. And if you still haven’t transferred your AMHash hashrate from Hashie, then you should initiate the transfer process.

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It seems that the Hashie cloud mining service is now back online and fully functioning, however the way they handled the recent problems they’ve had (apparently getting hacked and Bitcoins stolen) is far from good. The service is back online, but any Bitcoins you might have had in your wallet are no longer available and the service apparently is now offering new cheaper miners called Generation 2. It will however be very had to earn back the trust of the over 40 thousand users that the service claims to have, especially of the ones that did not have purchased AMHash cloud mining hashrate. Owners of AMHash cloud miners at Hashie can still move them to the AMHash platform, if they have not done so already. What the service has apparently done for people that have had Generation 1 miners as well as any Bitcoins in their wallets was to distribute them some Frostcoins that should result in bringing some dividends to users based on Generation 2 miner sales. We have already moved our AMHash hashrate to the AMHash platform, however our account did not get any Frostcoins for the Bitcoins we had in the wallet that are now gone. So we would currently recommend to avoid that service if you are interested in investing in cloud mining.

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