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The Hashlet Genesis (10 GHS Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate) is now priced at $7.95 USD and the Hashlet Prime is no longer available for sale. Among the newly introduced features are things like SHA-256 mode for Hashlet Primes that would allow you to mine at BTC pools with the Hashlet Prime with 40 GHS per 1 MHS rate, HashPoints bonus points are now worth 1 cent each, Genesis Hashlets are also now supported on the Marketplace where you can trade them. This is all a part of the move from the current ZenCloud platform to the new upcoming HashBase platform that is supposed to offer new interesting features for the miners when it gets released later this month.

On a side note, if you were one of the first to purchase hashrate in the form of a Hashlet when they were first introduced about 2 months ago, then you might’ve already reached a full ROI. In our case, we’ve stared testing the Hashlet just after it was announced and a bit short of two months we have earned back what we have invested. This however was possible if you were among the first to purchase a Hashlet at a price of $15.99 USD per MHS before the introduction of the Hashlet Prime. For users that have purchased Hashlets later on it will most likely take some more time for them to get a return of their investment.

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