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The Hodler Manifesto website is a cool and short explanation about What is HODL. There are just eight short rules that a true crypto coin HODLer will follow, though most of these are also good advice for pretty much anyone into crypto. So even if you are not a true crypto HODLer, you might still check it out… who knows, maybe you are actually a HODLer, but didn’t know it until now.

Rule 1: A True HODLer Does Not Sell Their Coin.
Rule 2: A True HODLer Buys the Dip.
Rule 3: A True HODLer Remains Steadfast In Spite of FUD.
Rule 4: A True HODLer Keeps Their Coins Off Exchanges and Online Wallets.
Rule 5: A True HODLer Buys Goods and Services With Their Coin.
Rule 6: A True HODLer Spreads the Good Word.
Rule 7: A True HODLer Does Not Get FOMO When Another Coin Rises.
Rule 8: A True HODLer Will Run Their Own Full Node.

Read more about the 8 rules that a true crypto HODLer should follow at the The Hodler Manifesto…