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One of the things that miners are most concerned about when talking about cloud mining services is the fear that they may be a Ponzi scheme and that fear is fueled by the fact that many of these services are not very open and prefer to remain highly anonymous. Not all of the cloud mining services are like that however, there are some that want to be more open and not remain anonymous in order to make it clear to their users that they are serious and reliable. One such service is Genesis Mining, a service that was started just a few months ago, but has been developing constantly and is offering some unique and interesting new features in the industry.

A few days ago we have covered one of the latest features, the addition of Unobtanium (UNO) as a SHA-256 coin that you can choose to mine with Bitcoin cloud hashrate that you purchase. We have also covered the fact that the service has been out of stock of Scrypt cloud mining hashrate along with some concerns regarding ZeusMiner, one of the Scrypt hardware suppliers for the service. Genesis Mining however does not rely only on Zeus, who have announced that they are not going to be making new hardware a while ago, they do have other hardware suppliers like Innosilicon. As a proof we got a photo of Genesis Mining Scrypt mining farm of located in Iceland that is populated with a lot of Innoslicon A2 Terminator-based Scrypt ASIC miners and the company’s CTO in front of the mining hardware.

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The user who has previously released an RPi OC version for Innosilicon A2 miners that did not work properly due to the fact that the official cgminer provided only accepted a few fixed operating frequencies has updated the image to version 2.0 and now it works. The new version adds support for 1000 MHz and then from 1080 MHz to 1400 MHz in 20 MHz steps and now the cgminer accepts these values due to a modification done to the A2 driver. So if you are an owner of an A2-based miner using 28nm Innosilicon Scrypt ASIC chips you might want to try the image out, we have already checked it and can confirm it works well.

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With September closing up and many new Scrypt ASIC manufacturers getting ready to start shipping their mining hardware things are heating up with the currently available miners and in order to keep the users interest we need to see new prices. One of the most significant things about the Innosilicon A2 miners, a thing we have noted in our reviews of their products, is that they are pretty expensive or actually were. We know that the company is using 28 nm technology for their chips and thus achieves higher performance with lower power consumption, but up until recently the price of the hardware did not justify the difference in power usage compared to other alternatives available with higher power usage. The good news is that apparently Innosilicon has finally decided to lower the prices by also making available new miners, making them a more attractive option and finally able to compete with ZeusMiner for example price wise for the same or similar hashrate while still offering lower power usage.

The new A2 MINI Terminator is available for $789 USD and offers 35 MHS Scrypt hashrate with a power consumption of about 350W. Unlike the old A2 Mini miner however the new model does not come with built-in power supply, though there is still a Raspberry Pi controller built-in into the miner, so you need to also buy a PSU for this one. The other new miner is the A2 MEGA Terminator currently available for $2499 USD. This miner offers 110 MHS Scrypt hashrate with less than 1100W power usage as the device comes with built in 1100W power supply and a RPi controller like the A2BOX miner that we have already reviewed. With the new A2 miners the price per 1 MHS comes at about $23 USD for a complete solution ready to be used out of the box (adding a PSU for the Mini miner as well). So if you are currently considering making an investment in Scrypt ASIC hardware that is currently available you might want to take a look at the new Innosilicon A2 miners.