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Crypto Stocks is an interesting service that allows you to buy and sell stocks for various crypto services and earn dividends on the stocks you own, of course as the name suggests you invest with Bitcoins, Litecoins and other crypto currencies. Multipool, one of the largest automatically switching mining pools based on profitability for alternative crypto currencies just issued 20000 stocks with a launch price of 0.0191 BTC per share on the Crypto Stocks service. Multipool will be paying dividends to shareholders based on the fees collected by the pool from the miners using the service. Aside from Multipool, the service also trades stocks for CoinEx and Cryptsy among other interesting projects. So if you have some spare crypto coins that you want to invest on the long run and earn dividends on them, you might want to check out this service. We on the other hand are not very interested though and recommend to be cautious as a some of the services/projects listed there might not be reliable and even real and true to what they claim to be.

Check out the Crypto Stocks project for some investing opportunities…