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A few days ago, Jasminer has teased with an upcoming new Ethash/ETChash miner called X16 and now there is more information regarding the specifications and pricing of the new device available. Jasminer and their X4 chips are currently one the most efficient solution for mining ETH-based DAG coins and their upcoming X16 chips should be capable of delivering even better performance. The newly released information form Jasminer states that their new Jasminer X16-Q (an upgraded version of their X4-Q quiet miner) is supposed to be capable of 1845 MH/s hashrate for Ethash/ETChash with 630 Watts of power usage or 2.93 Megahash per Watt (0.34 J/MH efficiency). As comparison the X4-Q does offer 2.17 Megahash per Watt power efficiency (1040 MH/s at 480 Watts or 0.46 J/MH efficiency), so a nice improvement in power efficiency and is is not only higher hashrate with lower power usage apparently. The new X16 miners should also come with 8GB of memory available for larger DAG coins as compared to the just 5GB available with the current generation of X4 devices.

The price cited on the official Jasminer website for their upcoming JASMINER X16-Q High Throughput 3U Quiet Server is $2799 USD, though there is no stock and you cannot apparently pre-order the device… it has not been released for sale yet. The device is rated at just 40 dB as noise level thus it continues the legacy of the X4-Q for a quiet miner that can be used at home as a space heater, however the release timeframe for the new model does not make it very attractive for such use as it will apparently miss the cold winter days. According to Jingle Mining, an official Jasminer reseller, the expected delivery date for the new X16-Q devices is somewhere in between May 1st and May 31st next year, so quite a bit of time before these make it on the market apparently.

There is currently no word regarding support for Nicehash and Dual-Mining Ethash/ETChash coins with Zilliqa (ZIL) however for the new X16 products as currently one of the main drawbacks of the Jasminer X4 devices in realizing their maximum potential and profitability is the lack of support for these. It will be nice to see a solution for Nicehash and Dual-Mining with ZIL as they can improve profitability of the existing and upcoming devices significantly at the moment and make them more interesting for miners in the current not so favourable mining conditions where even being able to cover for electricity costs is a challenge. Guess we’ll have to wait a bit more and see if these will be addressed or not, and by the time the new miner is released on the market it is also possible that even without these available the profitability might make them not much of a problem like they are currently.

To get more details about the Jasminer X16-Q on the official website…