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If you have initiated a withdraw request at the Kraken crypto currency exchange around 17th of March and you still haven’t received the money you might want to contact the support. It seems that there might’ve been some problems with the bank servicing the payments at around that time, and withdraw requests made earlier or later might not be affected at all. So if you are still waiting for your money and you have made a withdraw request around that date you might want to contact the support in order to resolve the issues as some users have already reported having a problem. Below is a quote from a response from Kraken’s support regarding the issues:

We have noticed that a few of our users are waiting for withdrawals with the status “success” sent on the 17th March, even though withdrawals initiated after that has arrived. Something is definitely wrong and we are investigating this with our bank, I’m sorry for the delay, don’t worry your funds will show up in your account as soon as we have found the cause of this delay and fixed it.

Our guess is that it is a problem with the banks API, there has been problems with that in the past, and they are examining the API issues and will return to us with more information.

This issue has only affected withdrawals initiated around the 17th of March.

So far our experience with the Kraken crypto exchange has been very positive and they are really fast in servicing withdraw requests, so we are expecting that this issue will quickly be dealt with and the users that had problems with their transfers will soon get their money available in the bank accounts.