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The Blake-256 based crypto currencies merged mining now has another new addition, the new coin is called Lithium (LIT), bringing the total number of merged mined coins to 7 (including BlakeCoin). LIT is still pretty new coin and is not yet available for trade on an exchange, but will most likely soon appear on exchanges that support other Blake-256 coins. If you still haven’t tried merged mining for BLC + 6 other Blake-256 coins, then you might want to check things out. Also we already have a new NOMP-based merged mining pool available as well as a ccMiner fork with Blake algorithm support since the last time we have covered merged mining for this crypto algorithm.

Blake-256 Algorithm GPU miners:
Cgminer 3.7.2 with Blake-256 support for AMD
Cgminer 3.1.1 with Blake-256 support for AMD
ccMiner with Blake-256 support for Nvidia
CudaMiner with Blake-256 support for Nvidia

Pools for Merged Mining of Blake-256 coins:

Exchanges for trading Blake-256 coins:
Atomic Trade