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As a long time and happy users of the LTC Rabbit mining pool we are happy to see that they have added support for X11 mining. The idea behind X11 mining support is pretty much the same as the pool’s idea for Litecoin mining – you mine X11-based crypt currencies such as DarkCoin and they get automatically exchanged for LTC and you are being payed in Litecoins. So people with GPUs that are moving away from Scrypt mining could consider mining X11 and still get payed in LTC as Litecoin mining is slowly moving to the ASIC mining domain and will continue to do so in the next months making it not so profitable to mine with GPUs anymore.

You are able to mine X11 at the pool by using the sgminer for DarkCoin on AMD-based GPUs as well as by using ccminer with X11 support that wwas recently released for mining with Nvidia-based GPUs. Currently we are seeing similar performance mining on AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, however we are soon expecting to see an updated for ccminer that will bring significant improvement to the hashrate we are currently getting on Nvidia. The most notable advantage of mining X11 is that the GPUs should be cooler and use less energy as compared to mining Scrypt for example, or at least we are seeing that on AMD GPUs. So now you have another interesting alternative available to mine no Scrypt-based crypto and still get payed in Litecoins.

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After the end of the week long CexIO promotion with up to double rewards for their new Ghash LTC mining pool most of the users have left their pool, but still they’ve had about 7-8 GHS worth of mining hashrate remaining. Probably people that are mining there just because of the 0% pool fee, something that can easily be compensated if mining in pools with automatic alt coin switching based on profitability. Interestingly enough today the hashrate in the LTC mining pool has jumped to over 20 GHS with no apparent reason. The only way for this to happen is if some of the other larger pools is forwarding their mining hashrate via a proxy to the CEX mining pool, or if somebody is using a kind of man in the middle attach to do so and forward some pool’s hashrate to mine for his own account. So you might want to keep a closer look at your miners and profitability today in the pool you are currently mining at just to be sure. At the same time the total network hashrate for the Litecoin is showing some significant drop, so the next difficulty adjustment will most likely bring down the difficulty. This could however be a direct result of some new alt cryptos that are attracting a lot of users to switch to them due to significantly higher profitability than directly mining for LTC or with the potential for such.

Update: It seems that after passing 30 GHS total LTC pool hashrate the mining pool is starting to have issues again, though it is possible that they might be getting DDoS attacks as well as apparently other mining pools do at the moment. This is creating problems not only for the LTC mining pool, but for the BTC mining pool there as well. So it might be a wise idea to move to another pool if you are mining there at the moment in order to avoid possible downtime. Of course you should have multiple backup pools available in order to be able to handle such problems without any downtime, but many people still seem to set just a single mining pool in their miners. And while at the moment is having trouble and you might just see a CloudFlare warning instead of the actual pool website, the other “main” website of the service CexIO seems to be running just fine. It is not very clear what is happening with the people that have purchased cloud mining hashrate for the moment, but since the pool is down it is possible that the mining hardware for the cloud mining service might not be able to operate as well, though in such cases the users are usually getting compensated for the downtime of the cloud mining hashrate by the service after the issue is resolved. And it seems the downtime was very brief and the service is starting to get back to normal…


We liked the LTC Rabbit Scrypt mining pool as soon as we have tried it for the first time a few weeks ago when DOGE was in its peak in terms of higher profitability compared to LTC. The pool has been running stable and reliable and had a nice altcoin bonus on top of the earnings if directly mining for LTC, so a perfect choice for a backup pool that will still ensure higher profitability than directly mining for Litecoins. However lately there haven’t been any extra altcoin bonus been given by the pool and it was mining LTC most of the time anyway. The reason for that was that DOGE was not so profitable to mine anymore and the other alternative cryptos such as WDC or MEC did not perform any better than directly mining for LTC. It seems that the pool has added a few more newer and supposedly more profitable alternative cryptos including the lately very popular AUR crypto, so that it can start giving away extra altcoin bonuses again. We still have the pool as our backup mining pool and our primary one for the moment remains ScryptGuild, so check that one as well if you still haven’t.

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