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It was anticipated that VertCoin (VTC) will hardfork to the new Lyra2RE algorithm at around 16th this month at block 208301, however we have reached the fork a bit earlier. So if you are mining VertCoin you should switch to the new Lyra2RE GPU miners and to pools that have already switched to the new algorithm. Some people have anticipated that after the fork the price of VTC will increase, but this did not happen as currently VertCoin is quite profitable to mine and sell directly and apparently a lot of people are doing exactly this resulting in exchange rate dropping. This is just the first day after the fork, so we should wait and see how the Lyra2RE fork will affect VTC – will it help the coin or on the contrary.

VTC mining polls with Lyra2RE support:
Verters Pool
CoinMine VTC
Hashlink VTC
CrunchPool VTC


If you are getting ready for the upcoming VertCoin (VTC) fork from Scrypt-N to Lyra2RE algorithm that is planned to happen in about 10 days, then you might want to update your wallet. Since this is a hardfork you will need to upgrade your wallet to the new release and also to be able to continue mining VTC you will have to get the new miners with Lyra2RE support. The good news is that we already have miners for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs available, even though they are early release candidates you cna try them out locally on testnet before the actual fork happens and pools will switch to Lyra2RE mining for VertCoin around 16th this month at block 208301. Below you can find links for the source code of the miners along with official windows binary releases available on GitHub, tpruvot has also added support for Lyra2RE to his ccMiner fork and we are probably going to be seeing more forks with Lyra2RE support getting added soon.

To download and try the sgminer fork with Lyra2RE algorithm support for AMD GPUs…
To download and try the ccMiner fork with Lyra2RE algorithm support for Nvidia GPUs…