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If you were thinking that MaxCoin (MAX) is dead, then you might want to rethink thatas in the last few hours there has been an increase in the trading volume of the coin and the exchange rate is starting to get back up, though still far from what it was a while ago. We do recommend to keep an eye on MAX, especially if you have some coins that you have mined some time ago and still haven’t sold them due to the low exchange rate. Mining MaxCoin at the moment might also be a good idea with the current lower difficulty and if the exchange rate continues to increase. A few hours later however it seems though it might just be another pump and dump scheme, though the exchange rate stabilized at almost double price than before. Meanwhile the project has released new wallet binaries for MaxCoin 0.9.0, and recommends that everyone upgrades by next week (block 140000).

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It seems that since the launch of the MaxCoin some of the largest pools that added support for mining MAX cryptos are under constant DDoS attacks and that is preventing the normal mining of the currency by normal users. Not only that this is hurting the trust in the new crypto, but it is generally driving away users from pools, especially if the pools are not prepared for such attacks. As a result of the constant DDoS attacks ypool has announced that they are stopping the MaxCoin mining pool and they were probably the largest MAX crypto pool. Another big pool that reports issues from the DDoS attacks is the 1GH pool, but they are still holding up and have not yet announced that they will give up on MAX.

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An alternative cryptocurrency disrupting the already rather disrupting crypto market. It does not use a typical SHA-256 algorithm, but instead relies on a different SHA-3 (Keccak) that makes it ASIC proof for now at least. You can mine it with either a CPU, though with GPU mining also available there will not be much point in using the CPU. You need to use a specialized mining client based on cgminer for GPU mining. Considering the fact that this is still very new crypto and it already has a few smaller exchanges supporting trades is a good sign for potential in this one.


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  • Keccak (SHA-3) Algo
  • 250,000,000 total coins.
  • 96 MaxCoin per block, halving every ~12 months
  • Retargeting using Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm.
  • 30 second block times


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