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We have recently told you about the Cryptum ICO that is currently running with one of the goals of the project being to Crowdfund the First Crypto Mining Board Game and now we are going to be sharing some of the latest developments surrounding the project that our team is also helping develop. Our focus of course is the development of Blockchain: The Board Game as we are actively taking part in that side of the whole idea and since it can also use some community feedback and help you can chime in as well. The current plan for the game is to include 85 actual crypto currencies, there are 85 slots available for coins and although they are already filled you can still get a coin in. You can get into the free voting in this Bitcointalk thread where you can vote for coins to stay or to be swapped with another one. Alternatively, if you want to secure a place for a specific coin you can do so with paid voting here. Do have in mind though that you are not just paying for the coin listing, but you are essentially purchasing a certain amount of CRTM tokens and get the listing as a free extra, so you will be supporting the project development and get the coin you want listed.

Another interesting development is the announcement of the plan to have the two main crypto currencies inside the game (Bitcoin and Ethereum) represented with their own real metal coins. The 3D models of the coins have already been made by the designer Francesco OrrĂ¹ and you can already see 3D renders on how they will look, though the actual production of the metal coins has not started yet. During the game development 3D printed plastic tokens will be used some of which have already been printed to test out designs and such. There are more elements form the game currently being worked on as it is an ongoing project and will take some time, precisely why the work has been ongoing even before the actual start of the funding via an ICO.

The latest interesting announcement for now is the name of the first crypto currency exchange to officially be featured in the crypto mining board game and that one is ShapeShift. Other exchanges have been contacted and more names will probably be announced soon, but for now ShapeShift is the first one. Getting in touch with exchanges is not as easy thing as you might expect, especially the bigger they are, so this could take some time. Then there is also an expansion for the game planned to be released after the game that will offer expanded gameplay and more exchange mechanics.

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