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It seems that Gridseed might be working on a new even larger Scrypt ASIC miner, or that is what got as information from a reader that sent a link to publication on a new mining forum called MinerTalk. From the apparently leaked photos of the new miner published there we can see that it is a larger box miner with integrated PSU and a LAN network interface. There are still no specifications available and no information what ASIC chips will the device use.


The miner seems to have 5 PCBs or modules with chips inside and there are only three small fans. On the second photo we can see that the chips on the modules are small, similar to the Gridseed GC3355 ones, though these might be new chips as well. Judging from the size of the chips and the miner we can assume that the miner should be capable of something like 25 MHS or 50 MHS even more in terms of hashrate (5-10 MHS per module). Though there is no information about actual specifications, so these are only assumptions for the moment.

To check out the topic about the new Gridseed ASIC at the MinerTalk forum…