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One of the most annoying issue that Cryptsy alternative crypto currency exchange had was the minimum number of coins that you needed to have in order to be able to execute a trade. Sometimes mining for alternative crypto coins you could easily get something like 0.00123456 from a given crypto that you were not able to sell and you had to keep it on the exchange or buy more coins and then sell after meeting the minimum coin requirement. So good news if you were annoyed by the minimum order quantities that were a bit too high for some coins anyway. The only requirement now is the order total to be higher than 0.00000010 and the minimum fee for any order cannot go below 0.00000001. This could lead to some “higher fees” with very small trades, but then again you will not have to be bothered by some alternative crypto currencies with very small amount in your account balance anymore. We have finally cleared our account from a few of these such as the very little CAP that we’ve had left for quite some time.