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Mintpal, once one of the top exchanges for altcoins, is now suffering a lot of problems since it has been acquired by Moolah and the new version 2 of the exchange was launched. Users are still complaining of having various issues with the V2 exchange such as not being able to log in, resetting the password may help for some. When successfully logging in some users are finding out there is no history for their trades or their coins not available in the account on the V2, and even if the coins are there initiating a transaction may result in the coins not appearing in their wallets at all. You can now say that Moolah has kind of killed everything that the old Mintpal has built and now they need to start bringing back users and rebuilding their trust if they wish to make Mintpal back what it was. If you currently look at the 24 hour starts of the exchange you can see that the number of trades and the volume is still very low, though there is some improvement compared to the even lower numbers from yesterday. The fact that there is no exchange fee until the end of the year and that Moolah has announced some awards for traders does not help much unless they are able to quickly resolve all of their issues and they still seem to have a hard time doing so.