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It seems that the Tokyo District Court of Japan has sent post cards to all of the MtGox users detailing what is happening and what procedures will be taken from now on regarding the order of commencement of bankruptcy proceedings for the MtGox. People have started receiving these notices by mail and today we also just got our notice. The contents of the card are apparently identical, so no personal information such as what is the amount of BTC or cash you’ve had in the exchange when it was closed, but you can still check your balance from the official website.


Here are the details from the post card we have received in English, there is also a Japanese version on the other side that we did not scan. We expect that every user of MtGox will be getting one of these, so if you were using the Bitcoin exchange you are most likely going to get one too if you still haven’t. So don’t be surprised if/when you get one of these in your mailbox in the following few days…