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It seems that the Todek TODDMINER C1 is not going to be the only Eaglesong ASIC miner out there, Bitmain is also joining the fun with their Bitmain AntMiner K5 ASIC miner. The TODDMINER C1 promises to deliver 1.6 TH/s hashrate with 1100 Watts of power usage with $4100 USD price and supposedly already shipping, while the Bitmain AntMiner K5 is rated at 1130 GH/s hashrate with 1580 Watts of power usage and a price of about $1400 USD or significantly cheaper. Bitmain plans to start shipping the K5 Eaglesong ASIC miners in the first half of April and they are only available on their Chinese website for the moment. Eaglesong mining has started with GPUs and has relatively quickly moved onto FPGA mining and now it seems the transition to ASIC mining is starting to take place. Hashaltcoins BlackMiner F1+ does 22 GH/s and F1-Ultra does manage t get you 26 GH/s hashrate at the moment, so ASIC miners will really offer much faster performance when they become available and will significantly increase the total network hashrate.

For more details about the Bitmain AntMiner K5 Eaglesong ASIC Miner (CN)…

A new website (registered just yesterday) has appeared for a company called ZXMiner claiming to be selling the first Nervos (CKB) ASIC miner for the Eaglesong algorithm. The website is in Chinese and the price for the ZX1 ASIC miner supposedly delivering 820 GH/s with 1100 Watts of power usage is 18000 CNY (Chinese Yuan) which is roughly $2560 USD (payments taken only in Bitcoin). According to the website the estimated shipping date is January 2020, meaning that they should have developed the hardware before the mainnet launch of Nervos that happened recently. We would advice to be extra careful with this as it may be a scam, even though it is apparently not targeted at non Chinese crypto users as the website does not have an English version.

Soon after the mainnet launch there have been news of FPGAs supporting the Eaglesong algorithm that the project uses and now there is information about a possible ASIC miner incoming, though you should treat that with extra caution. The ZXMiner ZX1 photo on the website is actually an edited photo of the MicroBT Whatsminer M3 ASIC miner with zxminer logo put on top of the device and doing that is never a good sign and definitely not a way to earn trust. We also don’t like this line of text “No refund or return after payment, regardless of whether it is shipped or not” as translated by Google Translate, so don’t be in a hurry with this ASIC miner!

If you are curious to check the ZXMiner website and the ZX 1 product page…