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The new coins launching today are pretty much X11 and X13 only, with X13 really booming the last two days giving a good opportunity for people to lease their X13 mining rigs or sell the hashrate and make some nice profit due to the overwhelming demand and high prices for X12 hashrate at the moment. If you don’t want to sell your hashrate you might want to check out the new coin launches and if you find any of them interesting enough to try to catch it for the launch. We feel like we are going to pass on all of these new launches today, even though the LeagueCoin (LOL) might’ve been promising if it was properly developed and considered to be interesting for users to mine, with a 1 Million LOL coins going for an IPO and only 1.2-1.5 Million coins actually mineable in the coin’s POW stage it is really pointless to even consider mining it.

List of New Crypto Coins Launching Today:
HonorCoin (XHC) – X11 – POW/POS – 2% Premine for Free Distrbution
AngryBirdsCoin (ABC) – X11 – POW/POS – 0.5% Premine
LeagueCoin (LOL) – X11 – POW/POS – HUGE 1 Million LOL IPO!!!
SherlockCoin V2 (SHC2) – X13 – POW/POS – Premine the number of v1 coins mined to be exchanged
XICoin (XI) – X13 – POW/POS – 1% Premine


Today there are quite a few new crypto coins launching, though some of them were supposed to be launched earlier and were postponed for a launch today, so you might want to check them out when they start and are easier to mine due to their low difficulty. Do note that the list may not include absolutely every new coin that launches today, but it should cover most of them. Be careful however as listing a new coin below does not mean that it will pick up for sure, we are just listing the new launches to it will be easier for you to keep track of them. As you may notice the new launches seem to be moving towards the newer X13 crypto algorithm that still does not have an Nvidia CUDA miner available, unlike with X11 where Nvidia is doing pretty well as compared to AMD OpenCL mining.

List of New Crypto Coins Launching Today:
AustroCoin (ATC) – Scrypt – POW/POS – 1.6% Premine
MachineryCoin (MHYC) – X11 – POW/POS – 1% Premine
OPEC Coin (OPC) – X13 – POW/POS – 0.3% Premine
VOOT – X13 – POW/POS – 2% Premine
SummerCoin V2 (SUM2) – X13 – POW/POS – Number of SUMv1 Coins Premined