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Today there are quite a few new crypto coins launching, so if you are into following and mining new crypto currencies and want to catch them when they start and are easier to mine due to their low difficulty, then you might want to check the list we have prepared. Do note that the list may not include absolutely every new coin that launches today, but it should cover most of the better looking ones. Be careful however as listing a new coin launching today below does not mean that it will pick up for sure, so be careful where you point your hashrate at, and especially if you rent hashrate or mining rigs…

List of New Crypto Coins Launching Today:
NumberCoin (NUMC) – Scrypt – POW/POS – 10% IPO, 0.5% Premine
AustroCoin (ATC) – Scrypt – POW/POS – 1.6% Premine
BitSlap (BS) – X11 – POW – 0.5% Premine
Digit (DIG) – X13 – POW/POS – 1.25% from each block to devs
VOOT – X13 – POW/POS – 2% Premine
Flux (FLX) – SHA-3 (Keccak) – POW

Services offering Renting of Mining Rigs or Hashrate:
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