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Obelisk has started with SIA and Decred ASIC miners with a bit of controversy back in 2017, and now they are apparently planning to extend their offers with new GRIN ASIC miners for later this year as it seems this is the new hot thing for ASIC miners – the GRIN’s Cuckatoo31 algorithm. The company has announced the start of a pre-sale for their new GRN1 miner that comes in three form factors: a traditional form factor (GRN1), compact form factor (GRN1 Mini), and an immersion form factor (GRN1 Immersion). The Obelisk GRN1 miners are designed for Grin’s Cuckatoo31+ hashing algorithm and they will NOT Work on the existing Cuckaroo29+ or future Cuckatoo32+ algorithm implementations.

Obelisk will be manufacturing a maximum of 2,500 GRN1 units (60,000 chips), available in first-come, first-serve fashion. GRN1 Mini units count as 1/6th, and GRN1 Immersion units count as 2. Only 2,000 GRN1 units are available in this sale. The remaining 500 will be sold by Obelisk at market-price when production is completed in October. This sale will close on May 3, 2019. Obelisk expects to ship orders in October 2019. Below you can find the estimated specifications and prices for the upcoming ASIC miners… as you can see the prices are pretty steep, though the hashrate they deliver currently is quite profitable, but who knows what will happen by the time you get the hardware in your hands. As usual with any pre-orders and specifications announced prior to actual products in existence you should be extra careful as very often the final specs are not the same as initially announced, meaning that you could easily get lower hashrate and/or higher power consumption. Though there are cases that the final specs may be better then initially announced as well, you should still proceed with caution and also check other alternatives such as the upcoming GRIN ASIC miner from Innosilicon.

– Price: $2,000
– Estimated Performance: 70 GPS, 400 W
– Estimated Dimensions: TBD
– Coupon: 25% off any GRN2 order (save up to $500 total, one coupon per order)
– Donation: $100 to Grin development.
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– Price: $10,000
– Estimated Performance: 420 GPS, 2200 W
– Estimated Dimensions: 135mm wide x 170mm tall x 400mm deep
– Coupon: 25% off any GRN2 order (save up to $2,500 total, one coupon per order)
– Donation: $500 to Grin development.
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– Price: $20,000
– Estimated Performance: 840+ GPS, 4400 W
– Estimated Dimensions: 1U server form factor
– Coupon: 25% off any GRN2 order (save up to $5,000 total, one coupon per order)
– Donation: $1,000 to Grin development.
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Some of you might remember that back in June Sia has announced their plans to develop a dedicated SiaCoin (SC) ASIC miner called the Obelisk SC1 capable of 300+ GH/S at 500W or less power consumption according to the latest information. Well, it seems that Sia has figured out that since Decred (DCR) uses a very similar algorithm to what SiaCoin (SC) uses (both being variations of Blake) they can also develop the first ASIC miner for Decred as well. The Obelisk DCR1 should be capable of at least 475 GH/s with less than 500W of power usage and both ASIC miners should be available at pretty much the same time.

So now the pre-sale of the first batch of 4000 Obelisk DCR1 ASIC miners for Decred (DCR) is up for pre-sale on the Obelist’s website along the Obelist SC1 ASIC miner pre-sale for SiaCoin (SC). Both pre-sales will run up until November 24th and they are expected to ship on or before June 30th, 2018. Both Obelisk ASIC miners are available for pre-order at a price of $2499 USD and come with a 6 week exclusive mining period and a $250 per-unit coupon for future Obelisk purchases as a bonus. Now, since this is a pre-order for a product that is currently in development we advice you to be extra careful as we’ve seen a fair share of fails in that area and a lot of empty promises. We are not saying anything for the Obelisk, it seems to have a solid team working on the project according to the information available, we are just warning you to be careful as it is a pre-order for a product that is not yet developed and the final device (if/when available) may as well be different in terms of specifications as we’ve seen that happening as well.

If by the second half of next year Sia manages to deliver on their promise with the Obelisk ASIC miners for SiaCoin (SC) and Decred (DCR) they will significantly change the landscape for these two crypto coins. Now it is yet unclear how this will affect things regarding the use of the Sia file hosting services since it is more than just a crypto coin while Decred is more of a traditional crypto coin. The promise of securing the network better with ASICs is not new, the more important question here however is what if a limited number of people hold most of the ASIC’s power in a network… and then it becomes pointless to mine if you do not have access to an ASIC miner and/or cannot afford one.

For more details about the upcoming Obelisk DCR1 and Obelisk SC1 ASIC miners…