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Released under the MIT license for educational purposes, the collected kernels of Wolf are now available on GitHub for public download. The list includes optimized OpenCL kernels for a number of crypto algorithms: AES, Blake, BMW, CubeHash, Echo, Fugue, Groestl, Hamsi, JH, Luffa, Shabal, Shavite, Simd, Skein and Whirlpool. The OpenCL kernels need to be integrated into a miner like sgminer and some extra tweaking might be required, so they are more interesting for developers that are willing to optimize the performance of their own miners. They are even useful in understanding how some optimizations work and may be applied to other algorithms as well, so a good learning tool, at least for developers. If you find something useful or just want to send a tip to Wolf you can do so to his BTC address here: 1WoLFumNUvjCgaCyjFzvFrbGfDddYrKNR.

TO visit the GitHub repository with the released optimized OpenCL kernels by Wolf…