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If you are looking for a GPU miner for Nvidia video cards supporting the new X17 algorithm, then you don’t need to look for it anymore as djm34 just added X17 support to his fork of ccMiner (source). We have compiled a windows binary of the new release (using CUDA 5.5) and on a GeForce GTX 750 Ti video card we are getting a hashrate of about 1700 KHS and about 3200 KHS on GTX 780 Ti. Have in mind that this ccMiner fork does support other algorithms as well, including whirlpool that was just recently added. There are still not much crypto currencies using the X17 algorithm as it is really new, but you can already try mining People’s Coin (PPL) for example.

The windows binary available here is compiled for Compute 3.0, 3.5 and newer cards (32-bit version only) in a single binary, so it will not work on older cards. If you are unsure what version of Compute does your video card support check the included GPU Compute Capabilities List file. The binary is compiled with Visual Studio 2010 and is backwards compatible with Windows XP as well if you are using it on your mining rig.

To download the updated ccMiner fork with Whirlpool algorithm support for Windows OS…