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A new coin for your real life in the future world. Still confused by so many alt coins? Don’t know which alt coin to mine or invest on? Want to have a real life coin which can be used directly in the future world? Want to find a coin which is closest to real life currency? Please come to REALCOIN-REC. The team is trying to develop a crypto virtual currency that can be used in the real life, not trying to replace current lawful currency, but trying to provide a supplementary coin for real money. You can also treat RealCoin as an important composition of your capital portfolio. Come on join into RealCoin, you will be one of the first to own a piece of history.


Block Explorer / Crawler


  • Scrypt Algo
  • Block Time: 30 seconds – Enough time to minimize orphans but still provide almost instant transactions
  • 3 confirms per transaction
  • Difficulty retargets every 6 hrs with accelerated diff adjustment in the beginning
  • Total around 2 billion coins
  • 200 coins per block


Source Code
at GitHub


  • RPC Port: 20002
  • P2P Port: 20001


None available at the moment.