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Riecoin is a decentralized (p2p), open source digital currency. It allows to transfer money to anywhere in the world with only minimum transaction fees, sometimes even for free (depending on many factors like the amount to transfer and the network load at the moment of the transaction). It is a fork of the Bitcoin project. Riecoin is still very new, justa few days since its launch and it has already generated significant amount of attention from users, so it is worth checking it out.

The name “Riecoin” pays homage to Bernhard Riemann, whose work generated new ways of studying the distribution of prime numbers and is referenced in the math of Riecoin. It also pays homage to Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that started them all. At the moment only a CPU miner exists for Riecoin (RIC), so you can use some processor power to mine these coins if you have it unused on your GPU mining rigs for example. Riecoin is similar in many ways to Primecoin (XPM), however there are differences between the two though they both can still be mined only with CPU for the moment.


Block Explorer / Crawler


  • PoW: custom, prime constellations
  • Blocks every 2.5 minutes
  • Block reward of 50RIC, halving every 840000 (about 4 years)
  • Cap: about 84 million RIC
  • Difficulty adjustments every 288 blocks (targeted every 12hs)


Source Code
at GitHub


  • RPC Port: 28332
  • P2P Port: 28333