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The iOS game SaruTobi that has recently been taken down from Apple’s App Store is now available again. Previously the game used in-game Bitcoins and Black Coins that had no real connection to their actual counterparts, but that was apparently a concern for Apple to take the game down temporary. So no the previously available in-game Bitcoins are replaced with Bananas (available in the game and as an in-game purchase option) and the Black Coins are now Bitcoins and the game is now back online on the App Store. The best thing about SaruTobi is that it awards players with tips in actual Bitcoins, you need to collect 12 in-game Bitcoins and you can request a tip that will be sent to you. The amount of each BTC tip can vary, but is currently in between 50 and 100 bits or 5000 and 1000 satoshi. So if you still have not tried the game you might give it a go, it is a fun thing to spend your idle time playing for a while and you may actually get a BTC reward for doing so.

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It seems that the iOS game that rewards players with Bitcoin Tips, SaruTobi, has been taken down from Apple’s App Store temporary. The reason given according to the game’s developer is the fact that players may be confused that the Bitcoins they can buy in-game might be real Bitcoin and not in-game currency. This “problem” has been fixed already apparently and the updated version of the game is already awaiting approval according to a status update published on MandelDuck’s official Facebook page. If you have already downloaded and installed the game on your iPhone or iPad you can continue to play it without any problems and get Bitcoin Tips when you collect enough black Coins.

Here is a quote of the post from SaruTobi’s developer:

Apple removed the app from sale on the weekend over concerns users would be confused over the use of in game Bitcoins (not real) and actual real Bitcoin.
Mainly because there is an in app purchase that lets you buy the in game coins, Apple are concerned that users may think they are buying real Bitcoin, fair enough (even though it tells them they aren’t).
I have had to fix this issue and the updated app is currently waiting for review and should be live in the app store soon.


SaruTobi is a free mobile game for Apple’s iOS devices such as iPhone or the iPad (not yet available for Android devices) that utilizes a simple yet fun and an addictive concept and comes with a Bitcoin theme. You essentially play a monkey called Tobi and there are two modes that you can choose between – either swing your character on his vine to build up momentum and then release him to fly, or swing and jump from vine to vine. In both modes you collect some coins that are called guess how – Bitcoins, but these are only in-game coins and not real Bitcoins. You can use these Bitcoins in-game to purchase some power ups to help you and add some fun while you play, and then there are other coins called Black Coins that you can also collect while you play. These coins can be redeemed for actual Bitcoin Tips, once you have collected at least 12 Black coins you can exchange them for a Bitcoin tip that will be sent to your Bitcoin wallet (you need to enter the address inside the game) and you can also use an email that is registered as a Xapo online Bitcoin wallet as the game apparently has an integrations with that service as well.


Sarutobi is actually the first game for the iOS platform to actually have a feature that rewards players with actual Bitcoins for playing the game, unlike for example the game Bitcoin Billionaire that we have reviewed a while ago. Now, don’t expect too much, you will not get rich playing SaruTobi and earning Bitcoin Tips as a reward, what you are going to get is equivalent to just a few cents. When trying out the game we have concluded that it takes about 15-20 minutes of game play to gather 12 Black Coins that can be redeemed for Bitcoin Tips. The tips you can expect to get are something in the range of between 50 bits and 120 bits, or at least we’ve seen such a rewards so far (5000 to 12000 satoshi). On the other hand this is much better than what many free Bitcoin faucets give you and with SaruTobi you get to have some fun playing an actual game, ideal for wasting some free time.


While playing SaruTobi you can also purchase some in-game content, namely in-game Bitcoins (not real ones) with the cash spent for these going for the Bitcoin Tips that you actually get rewarded with. The rewards wallet also gets filled in from donations and advertisements, though the only advertisement you are going to see for the moment is that of Genesis Mining who have apparently donated 15 THS of Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate to mine directly to the game’s rewards wallet.

If you are interested you are welcome to check out the game yourself, but a bit of warning – we already mentioned that it is a fun and an addictive game, so be careful and don’t spend too much time on it!

For more information about the free game SaruTobi for Apple iOS mobile devices…