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Earlier this month we have mentioned the announcement of the ScryptGuild pool in their Alfa stage with invite only access and now the pool has moved to Beta stage and is open for free registrations. ScryptGuild is a pool with multiple alternative crypto currencies and an automatic switching algorithm that allows you to mine the most profitable crypto at the moment. It is similar to Multipool and the likes of it, however ScryptGuild offer some extra features that make it more attractive. For example you can set only one mining pool and switch to different cryptos to be mined on per worker basis directly from the web interface, there is also an option to directly sell your alternative coins that you have mined for BTC. Not to mention that the list of alternative cryptos is more up to date based on the more profitable coins at the moment and not keeping coins that you will probably not want to mine anymore like in Multipool for example.

ScryptGuild uses PPLNS system for distributing miners earnings or Pay per Last N Shares. This is a payment method which does not allow for pool hopping because it pays for work done previously, rather than paying for work based on the concept of “rounds”. ScryptGuild applies payments to the 5 most recent shifts: The active shift, and 4 recently finished (“open”) shifts. Payments are applied on a per coin basis, using your score on that coin vs the total pool score on that coin. Shifts are closed every hour, one minute after the hour. The pool fee is 2% and the current hashrate of the pool is already about 2150 MHS. You can set the minimum difficulty level starting from 16 and going up for each worker independently, so it is also a goo d place for low hashrate miners such as Nvidia-based GPUs or small Scrypt ASICs like the USD DualMiners.

We have been using the pool for a few days already and like the stability and ease of use, along with the useful extra features that it offers, including the direct sell for BTC from the pool with a slightly higher fee than if you move your coins to an exchange and sell them there (you can still do that if you wish). So we have said good-bye to Multipool and have switched to ScryptGuild completely for our main alternative profit based mining pool. And our backup pool for a while already is LTC Rabbit, though at the moment the extra altcoin bonus that this pool offers is rarely seen and most of the time we are mining LTC directly there instead of alt coins. Still good for a backup pool though as it is stable and runs reliably, so we would still recommend it as a good backup option. The combination between the two pools works like a charm for us, so we do recommend to try it out yourself if you still hasn’t done so.

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BTCGuild is one of the top 3 Bitcoin mining pools and they just announced that they’ve launched a scrypt mining pool for alternative crypto currencies. Though the new site called ScryptGuild is still in Alpha stage and being tested, you could request to be one of the people to try it out first if you are interested. BTC Guild has proven as a reliable pool for Bitcoin and offers an easy and user friendly interface, so translating this to a Scrypt mining pool will be a good thing for everyone mining Litecoins and other scrypt crypto currencies. Below is the official announcement from BTC Guild:

After the ASIC revolution in 2013, many users have repurposed their graphics cards for mining on Scrypt-based coins. After significant consideration, BTC Guild has launched a new service, ScryptGuild.

ScryptGuild is currently in alpha testing, and welcoming new users to help test out the continuous features being added. While it is called “Alpha”, the mining side of things is solid, built upon the same backend as BTC Guild, a custom C++ server.

You can find out how to join ScryptGuild by going into our IRC channel, #scryptguild on Freenode IRC network.


LTC Rabbit is an interesting pool for mining scrypt-based crypto coins that does the automatic profitability switching between LTC and a few other crypto currencies for you such as DOGE. What makes this pool different is that it does everything for you automatically and you end up being payed directly in Litecoin and not many different crypto currencies that you need to send back to an exchange and trade them. This pool solves the problem of mining many scrypt cryptos like in Multipool for example, then moving them to an exchange such as Cryptsy, and selling them either automatically or by hand. This method may be a bit more profitable, but is also more time consuming and riskier as the price may drastically change while you wait for your crypto currency to appear on the exchange. LTC Rabbit does everything for you and you end up being paid in LTC directly, regardless of the crypto currency being mined currently, and though this method may be a bit less profitable, it is much easier and safer, especially on the miners that are new and are still getting the hang of things.

LTC Rabbit has a 2% pool fee, and uses PPS (Pay Per Share) payment system with payments being distributed to users every hour respective to the submitted shares by their miners. You get paid for the LTC mining you would normally do in an Litecoin only mining pool plus PPS altcoin bonus on top of your regular earnings, and it all comes in the form on LTC available in your account. The pool has stratum servers in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia, and they are DDoS protected and stable. There is no minimum payout limit, so you can do manual cash out a any time you wish provided that you are ready to pay a 0.002 LTC transaction fee. We have been testing this pool for a while now and are quite satisfied with the results we are getting and it has already replaced our LTC mining pool as a default option instead of having it as a backup. What we would recommend is to give it a try and see if you would also like the ease of use and the profit you get from the pool that is doing everything automatically for you.

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