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Thew new ASIC manufacturer SFARDS is now offering SF3301 sample chips for people interested in building their own miners using the dual-mining SHA-256 and Scrypt ASIC chips. The price is currently set at $200 USD per a pack of 2 SF3301 chips. Alternatively you can also purchase a sample Development board set that includes one dev board with a single SF3301 chip, two power supply boards, radiator and fan at a price of $400 USD. The prices are pretty high and do not include shipping, but do note that these are sample chips and development boards for people that want to test what the SFARDS SF3301 chips are capable of or make their own miners based on the chips. The actual volume prices of the chips and the miners based on them should be lower, or they will be pointless…


Dev Main Board:
– SF3301: 1 chip
– Heatsink: heatsink & 12mmx12mm fan
– FBB Voltage: +/- 0~1.0V
– Communication Interface: RS232 / TTL

Dev Power Supply Board:
– Output Voltage Range: 0.5~1.6V
– Voltage Step: 6.25mV
– Max Current: 120A