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There is now a sph-sgminer fork with Luffa512 algorithm support available thanks to djm34 (source), the guy that just released ccMiner fork with Luffa512 support. We have compiled a windows binary from the latest source and have already tested it mining DoomCoin on an AMD Radeon R9 280X GPU to see what performance we are going to get – the result was about 143 MHS (faster than current performance on Nvidia GPUs). You can download and try the windows binary yourself from the link below. Do note that this version of sph-sgminer also supports most other new algorithms as well, so you an use it for mining not only DoomCoin. Also make sure to be using the latest 14.6/14.7 beta drivers from AMD in order to get the best performance and currently it seems that Nvidia GPU miners have some advantage in terms of performance for this algorithm.

To download the updated sph-sgminer fork with Luffa512 algorithm support for Windows OS…