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There is a new sgminer 5.3.1 fork from tpruvot with support for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs for mining Decred (source) that should work better than the previously available official cgminer fork for DCR. This sgminer fork comes with support for both protocols for mining Decred, the official getwork and the getwork over stratum implementation from tpruvot and as already mentioned it works on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs (it uses OpenCL on Nvidia as well and not CUDA). We have prepared a 32-bit and a 64-bit Windows binary of the new sgminer 5.3.1 fork compiled with VS2013, but have in mind that the NVML monitoring for Nvidia only works with the 64-bit version and the 32-bit one does seem to provide a bit higher hashrate of the two. In fact we are seeing a bit better hashrate using this sgminer fork on Nvidia than when using tpruvot’s ccMiner with Decred support, so you might want to try it with Nvidia GPUs and see if it will provide a bit more hashrate. AMD miners should have less problematic mining experience when using this sgminer fork compared to the various cgminer releases for Decred and with this miner you should be able to get better results when mining on pools with getwork over stratum support as compared to ones with only standard getwork implementation available.

To download and try the new AMD/Nvidia sgminer 5.3.1 tpruvot for Decred for Windows OS…


We have not posted new releases of sgminer binaries for Windows for quite some time as there was nothing that much happening on the AMD GPU mining scene as compared to the development for the Nvidia GPU miners with ccMiner. But it is time for an update with the sgminer 5.3.0 the nicehash fork (source code), because the official development of sgminer on GitHub isn’t going anywhere for quite some time. The sgminer 5.3.0 nicehash edition adds an improved NeoScrypt kernel as well as support for the new Blake256 8 and 14 round algorithms including Vanillacoin (VNL), though there is no support for Decred (DCR) mining available in this release. The Windows binary available for download is a 32-bit one, so it should offer better compatibility on more mining systems running a Windows operating system.

To download and try the sgminer 5.3.0 with optimized NeoScrypt and Blake256 for Windows OS…


Back in February we’ve mentioned about a crowdfunding project for a new optimized Lyra2RE optimized kernel by a used called pallas on the Bitcointalk forum. Now the source code of the optimized kernel, along with the sgminer fork, has been released by pallas and we have compiled a windows binary of the miner for everyone that is interested in trying it out on Windows. Our quick test has shown about 640 KHS hashrate mining Lyra2RE with the compiled binary and the optimized kernel on a non-overclocked Radeon R9 285 GPU (with slight factory OC of the card) by increasing a bit the intensity from the default 15. The result was achieved using the AMD 15.4 Beta driver, though you might want to use the latest official 14.12 release for better performance. You are welcome to experiment and report what hashrate you are getting with this sgminer fork and optimized kernel on your GPU. Do note that this fork of sgminer only comes with kernels supporting Lyra2RE, therefore it is not intended for mining with other algorithms.

To download and try the sgminer 5.1.0 with optimized Lyra2RE kernel for Windows OS…