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Siacoin (SC) has been picking up recently and there have been talks about privet mining pools available, but the good news is that you can already GPU mine the SIA crypto tokens that are powering a decentralized storage network in an open pool. The open Siacoin mining pool already available is and you can join it and start mining in no time. The pool does not need a registration, all you need to have is a wallet address – generate one with a SIA local wallet or use an exchange generated wallet from Poloniex or Yunbi. You can download the GPU miner for Siacoin written in in Go for pool mining (source) compiled and ready to be used from the link below (64-bit release for Windows) or use the latest Claymore Dual Miner that brings support for Dual Mining Ethereum along with Decred or Siacoin as a second coin (previously only Decred was available for dual mining).


The SIA Nanopool pool uses PPLNS payout scheme, has a fee of 2%, executes payouts once a day with a minimum payout currently set at 5000 Siacoins. Out test with the Siacoin Go miner for Siacoin shows about 1116 MHS as a hashrate for a single Radeon R9 290X GPU without overclocking, so you can have that number as a reference. The miner also works on Nvidia GPUs (it is still using OpenCL, not CUDA), as a reference number you can expect to get about 803 MHS from a GTX 970, do note however that for Nvidia-based mining rigs the go miner is the only choice as the Claymore dual miner is only for AMD GPUs. If you want to focus on mining Ethereum and mine Siacoin as a secondary coin and have AMD GPU mining rigs, then you can also try the latest Claymore dual miner version 5.0 that now gives you the choice for mine Decred or Siacoin besides Ethereum. Please report your hashrate and success in running the miner on different hardware, both AMD and Nvidia-based GPUs, in the comments below. should you decide to try mining Siacoin.

To download and try the Siacoin Go pool miner for AMD and Nvidia GPUs…