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Silver Fish is a Chinese company making Scrypt ASIC miners based on 55nm Scrypt ASIC chips developed in-house called SF300K01. Obviously the main target for the 25 MHS and the 70 MHS Scrypt ASIC miners that Silver Fish makes is the Chinese market and thus they do not even have an English version of their website. Their miners, especially the smaller 25 MHS Silver Fish Blade Scrypt ASICs, are already finding their way in other parts of the world, but you may have some trouble finding a lot of information and software downloads about these. Since the miners are currently only controllable via a Windows-based PC software you may have some trouble finding the English version of the software – SFminer R2.1 EN, so we have provided a link to download it below. It seems that there is also a newer version available R3.04, however that version is currently only available in Chinese only.

To download the English version of the Silver Fish mining software SFminer R2.1 EN…