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Spondoolies-Tech has a special holiday offers for their smaller 1.7 THS Bitcoin ASIC miners targeted at home miners – the SP20 Jackson. The units are shipping from stock and a single SP20 Jackson is currently available for $659 USD, a three SP20 Nano Farm miners pack is available at $1900 USD with free shipping included (~$633.33 USD per miner) and a 15 SP20 Mini Farm miners pack is available for $7995 USD ($533 USD per miner) with free shipping. Do nnote that the SP20 Jackson miners do not come with power supply included and a good 1200W PSU is recommended for each of the miners, so you should count these as well when doing the ROI math.

Spondoolies-Tech also offers a bigger Bitcoin ASIC miners in terms of hashrate, these are the 4.9 THS SP31 Yukon available at $2595 USD and the 5.5 THS SP35 Yukon available at $2795 USD. Thse miners however are targeted at larger mining operations, though you can consider them as an alternative to the packages including multiple SP20 Jackson miners as they do come ready to be installed and used – with built-in power supplies. At the moment Spondoolies-Tech probably has the most power efficient ASIC miners that are available to order and ready to be shipped.

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The Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer Spondoolies Tech is targeting the home miners with the new price of their 1.7 THS SP20 Jackson Bitcoin ASIC miner that is now available for a price of $795 USD with the November Batch 1 of the miner starting to ship on November 18th. The SP20 Jackson SHA-256 ASIC miner consists of 8 28nm Spondoolies-Tech RockerBox ASICs, comes with a dedicated Linux-based controller box that uses an Ethernet port for connecting the miner to your network. The miner does not come with a built-in power supply, you will need to add an external one that will be connected to the ASIC via 4 6-pin PCI-E connectors and it would need a minimum 1200W high quality PSU (1152 Watts actual power used according to the manufacturer). The one thing that is not very clear about the SP20 ASIC miner is what is he level of noise the cooling of the device produces (hopefully less than 60 Decibels), as in order to be suitable for home mining it should not be as loud as a server. Spondoolies Tech is probably not a know name for some of you as the company specializes in miners that are mostly used by larger mining operations and is also the supplier of some big cloud mining operations such as Genesis Mining for example. We suspect that the noise level at the listed power specification will not be very low, so do have in mind if you are interested in getting one of these to mine at home with.

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