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The latest Ethereum Go client Geth version 1.4.10 named “Return of the ETH” has been just made available for download as the go-ethereum team’s DAO hard-fork implementation. It enables anyone to choose whether they would like to support the DAO hard-fork or oppose it, and take them to their blockchain of choice. On startup (on the main network) Geth will print the currently configured choice, which you can freely change with the appropriate flag at any time. If no flag is specified, the previous configuration is used. If no fork choice was ever provided, Geth will default to supporting the fork per the majority vote.

How to make your choice:
– To support the DAO hard-fork, start Geth with --support-dao-fork
– To oppose the DAO hard-fork, start Geth with --oppose-dao-fork

To download the latest Ethereum Geth client 1.4.10 with the Hard Fork support…