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Syscoin (SYS) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that not only allows low-cost financial transactions like Bitcoin, but provides businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely. Syscoin isn’t just about money and trading, it has the ability to attract all business types thanks to its native set of features geared towards the financial sector. Syscoin offers benefits to everyone from eBay traders, to High Street shops and many more. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Syscoin’s intrinsic value is derived from the decentralized services it provides directly on the blockchain. The blockchain powers all Syscoin services. It is a decentralized system of record hosted by a series of “nodes” on the Syscoin network. Syscoin trades under the symbol SYS in virtual currency exchanges.


Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • Scrypt Algorithm
  • Total Coins: 2,000,000,000 (2.0 billion) SYS
  • Block reward: 128 SysCoin and regenerated network services fees (block reward decays on fixed schedule until rewards fixate at 32 Syscoin until 2bil coin, after which rewards are purely network and service fees)
  • Multipool protection: SysCoin uses KGW to retarget difficulty every block
  • Merge mineable with any Scrypt coin
  • Premine: 18% [up to 15% Based on Presale (SOLD OUT), 2% Devs (wallets will be publicized for transparency), 1% Bounties and Rewards]

Online Wallet
Mac OS

Source Code:
at GitHub

– RPC Port: 8368
– P2P Port: 8369

Mining Pools:

Coin Exchanges: