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It seems that ZeusMiner is now pretty much a cloud mining service provider as the company is apparently moving towards focusing on offering Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining hashrate though their service ZeusHash. The company has been announcing multiple partnerships with other ASIC manufacturers, but the focus of these is towards getting mining hardware for their cloud mining service as apparently ZeusMiner has no plans to continue making hardware themselves after canceling their GEN III product plans. A new partnership has been announced with Gridseed as a hardware provider for the cloud mining operation along with a slight reduction of the current maintenance fees from $0.059 to $0.058 USD per MHS for the Scrypt hashrate. Gridseed has been silent for a while now after being the first company to go out with Scrypt ASIC miners earlier this year and they are probably working on the next generation hardware already. Regarding the cloud mining pricing, ZeusHash has also announced a Thanksgiving Promotion on the Litecoin MHS prices that will be running from November 17th to 27th. The new prices might be of interest mostly to people that are willing to invest in more serious hashrates as then the prices become more attractive. The not so good news is that apparently the Litecoin network difficulty is seeing some significant increases lately, so making bigger investments at the moment may not be the wisest idea. Interestingly enough we are yet to see a cloud mining provider offering some great deals for the upcoming Black Friday.

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