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If you have mined FedoraCoin (TIPS) when it was launched about two years ago and still have some coins left in a local wallet and have totally forgotten about them, then you might be very lucky now. It seems that there is an effort to revive the coin after quite some time and there is also a significant boos in its price, even though it is being traded on only one exchange at the moment. It was available on Cryptsy as well, but since Cryptsy is essentially dead and the TIPS wallet is not unlocked for withdraws you can only trade on BTER for LTC or CNY (and then turn them into ETH or BTC for example). The price of a single TIPS coin is at about $0.000022 USD at the moment, but since the block reward started at millions and moved to hundreds and is now tens of thousands of coins you might end up with quite a nice profit depending on the amount of coins you have. The TIPS deposits were a bit slow in the last days at the exchange (should be fixed now) and it could take a bit of time for your wallet to get synchronized and up to date, but it will be totally worth it if you have a couple of millions coins left and forgotten there for example. If you manage to own a Scrypt ASIC miner then you might want to check out the mining profitability of TIPS as well, an up to date pool for mining TIPS you can check the Hash-to-Coins multipool.

Visit the Asian Exchange BTER where FedoraCoin (TIPS) is being traded at the moment…


FedoraCoin (TIPS) has just been added to the Cryptsy exchange and has quickly moved from a dying status to a skyrocketing alternative crypto coin. The current exchange rate for TIPS is 0.00000085 LTC and you can quickly cash up well if you have been mining Fedoracoin when it was announced and the difficulty was very low. But even now, with this high exchange rate and low difficulty for mining you can still make even better profit mining TIPS than mining for DOGE. And since there are not that many pools for TIPS available, you can start mining immediately at Multipool that has restored the Fedoracoin mining pool they’ve had and closed recently.


FedoraCoin (TIPS) leads a whole new paradigm in the world of cryptocurrency. Users of the currency can thank each other for great contributions in online communities by tipping some fedora’s to each other, hence the TIPS short coin name being used.

Announcement at Bitcointalk

Block Explorer / Crawler


  • Scrypt Algo
  • Max Coins: 500,000,000,000
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Difficulty Retarget Time: 10 minutes
  • Premine: None


Source Code
at GitHub


  • RPC Port: 22888