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It has been a while since we have last CPU mined a crypto coin that only has a CPU miner and not a GPU or ASIC and uses a new crypto algorithm, it has been a while since we have used the cpuminer-opt as well. So why not get back to it and put some stress on your processor for mining using the latest cpuminer-opt 3.8.4 (download) and mine WAVI coins (Bitcointalk announcement) that use the new yescryptr32 algorithm.

If you are interested in what kind of performance you can expect mining this algorithm with a CPU, here is a reference for you. An Intel Core i7 6850K (6-cores at 3.6 GHz + HT) does around 635 H/s in the yescryptr32 algorithm without overclock of the processor. A processor like the commonly used Intel Celeron G1840 (Dual Core at 2.8 GHz) manages to get around 110 H/s in terms of hashrate when mining yescryptr32. If you try mining WAVI coins with a different processor feel free to share your performance results in the comments below…