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WestHash is crypto currency cloud mining service just like its big brother NiceHash. It offers users the same functionality to either sell their hashrate or buy hashrate for the supported algorithms such as Scrypt, SHA256, Scrypt-N, X11, X13, Keccak, X15 or Nist5 as NiceHash does. WestHash is a geographically separated system, running as a whole under global NiceHash master system (our review of NiceHash). WestHash does have an independent market, however accounting, payments and everything else is fully integrated into a single system. WestHash brings are more attractive opportunities for hashrate providers as well as for hashrate buyers, even though the market is located in US West is optimal for hashing power sellers and buyers located in US, Canada and other near regions. While NiceHash is located in Europe and is optimal for hashing power sellers and buyers located in Europe, Russia and other near regions. This does not mean that you cannot use both services, regardless of your location, in fact if you have already registered on NiceHash you can already use your existing account to buy hashing power on WestHash as well. The fact that the two websites have separate markets means that you might get good opportunities for either buying or selling hashrate at either of the two services, so you may have better opportunities to make something extra if you keep an eye on the prices in both places.

If you still haven’t checked out the new WestHash service by NiceHash…