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The latest CryptoDredge Nvidia GPU miner version 0.14.0 comes with support for the new Lyra2REv3 algorithm as well as improved performance for X22i used by the SUQA project, faster Skunkhash and X16-based algorithms. The new Lyra2REv3 algorithm is going to be used by Vertcoin (VTC) as a means to avoid the use of the recently made available ASICs for the currently used Lyra2REv2 algorithm. VTC is currently running on testnet with the new algorithm with mainnet fork to Lyra2REv3 coming soon if everything is fine with the testnet release and there are not problems.

With the latest release you can expect to get up to 10-12% performance boost for the X22i algorithm, up to 2-4% for Skunkhash and up to 5-7% performance increase for the X16-based algorithms, so definitely worth upgrading for the extra performance. Do note that the CryptoDredge miner supports only Nvidia GPUs and is a closed source software that comes with 1% built-in developer fee and with binaries available for both Windows and Linux (CUDA 9.1/9.2/10.0).

To download and try the latest release of the CryptoDredge 0.14.0 Nvidia GPU miner…

There is a relatively new ambitious project called Placeholders (PHL) that is aiming to create a Decentralized Marketplace for Distributed Computing Resources to serve as an alternative to Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Placeholders’ blockchain utilizes the so called “artifacts” as placeholders, which is custom data stored in the blockchain to enable complex computing operations. These complex computing operations will be provided by Placeholders wallet users who rent their local computing resources (CPU/Hard-drive/RAM) to buyers who are willing to pay in PHL for the resources to be utilized as a virtual private server (VPS) in the cloud. Do note that as usual with new projects that do not yet have a full working platform for what they are promising t be delivered there is a risk involved!

Placeholders is a work in progress that seems to be forked from Ravencoin (RVN) using the same algorithm for mining the PHL coins that will be used by the project’s decentralized marketplace for payment for the distributed computing resources, though it seems that a different algorithm was used for a while before forking to X16R. The project has just recently been started, so the full functionality for the platform is far from ready, though it does seem promising if the team manages to implement their plans in reality. The block reward for mining is 5 PHL, decreasing emission over time to limit inflation, halving after first 90 days and then the emissions will be reduced every 90 days at decreasing rate throughout the future of the blockchain. The maximum supply for the Placeholders is 10,500,000 PHL with no pre-mine, dev-fee or something like that and the coin is already listed on an exchange for people not interested in following the project development over time, but just want to be mining and selling the coins.

For more information about the Placeholders (PHL) project check the Bitcoitalk announcement…

The latest update of the z-enemy 1.27 Nvidia GPU miner comes with some more performance optimizations in a number of the supported crypto algorithms with tweaks targeted at Nvidia GTX 10×0 GPUs. You can expect to see performance improvements of up to +3-4% for X16r and X16s as well as for HEX, up to +6-8% for Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), up to 1-3% on others like X17, Bitcore, C11, Sonoa, etc… on GTX 10×0 cards. So if using any of the supported algorithms by the z-enemy miner at the moment you should definitely upgrade your version to 1.27 to get a bit of extra performance boost.

The latest z-enemy version 1.27 is available for CUDA 9.1, 9.2 and 10.0 for 64-bit Windows versions as well as CUDA 9.0, CUDA 9.1, CUDA 9.2 and CUDA 10 binaries for Linux (HiveOS, PiMP OS, EthOS & Ubuntu). Make sure that you have the respective recent video driver version installed for the CUDA version you want to use – 388+ for 9.1, 397+ for 9.2 and 411+ for CUDA 10.0, though 415+ is advised for the best performance. We remind you that z-enemy is a closed source miner available only as a binary release and it contains a 1% developer fee built-in to support further software development.

Windows Downloads:
Download z-enemy 1.27 Windows CUDA 9.1 64-bit
Download z-enemy 1.27 Windows CUDA 9.2 64-bit
Download z-enemy 1.27 Windows CUDA 10.0 64-bit

Linux Download (HiveOS, PiMP OS, EthOS & Ubuntu):
Download z-enemy 1.27 Linux CUDA 9.1
Download z-enemy 1.27 Linux CUDA 9.2
Download z-enemy 1.27 Linux CUDA 10.0